Technal – Brise Soleil Curtain Walling

Suneal is Technal’s brise soleil sun-shading system, which provides specifiers, contractors and building occupiers with highly efficient solar control and the highest standards of architectural aesthetics.

Used extensively internationally, this is a multi-functional addition to the façade, which protects occupants from the sun, controls solar gain, optimises natural light, enhances any building envelope with its stylish visual appeal, and generates renewable energy with the use of its photovoltaic modules.

The Suneal sun shading system offers an exceptionally wide choice of options to give specifiers even greater freedom of expression, choice to ensure occupier comfort and to meet their sustainability objectives.

The Suneal system has been developed to help address sustainability requirements and to minimise a building’s carbon footprint. It’s environmental benefits, which will improve the thermal performance of a building.

It can be fixed directly to the curtain walling or to an independent structure whilst maintaining visual consistency, and louvre blades can be integrated with standard cladding.

Suneal is easy to install by any Technal fabricator and is supplied in kit form ready for assembly, minimising work on site.