Technal – MX BG Curtain Walling

The Technal MX Beaded Glazing curtain waling system is a contemporary alternative to conventional façades, which uses an externally beaded frame option to create a ‘picture frame’ appearance.

MX BG – Key Features

  • System compatibility. MX BG uses the same grid system as MX structural glazing, MX Trame and MX Visible Grid, allowing specifiers to vary the aesthetics of the building without the need for additional interface detailing and construction
  • Patented design. A patented ‘hook and toggle’ system facilitates installation.
  • Dry glazing. The system is dry glazed onto carrier frames in the factory.
  • Glazing options. MX BG can carry 30mm to 36mm glazing.
  • Flat or faceted. Available as a flat façade or faceted up to 3º.
  • Externally glazed. The top and bottom beads are pop-riveted to the fixed frame for additional security.
  • Specification options. A choice of fixed lights, top hung open-out and tilt/turn concealed vents are available.
  • Replacement glazing. A single carrier frame can be easily removed from the inside for replacement glazing using a special tool.