Smart – Visofold 3000 folding sliding door

This is Smart’s latest edition to the Visofold range of slide-folding doors. The Visofold 3000 Panorama offers elegant slim sightlines coupled with highly engineered hardware designed to ensure years of reliable service.

Choice of open in or out, stack left or right, open at the centre, end or in-between. The Visofold 3000 delivers slim sightlines allow more light into the building and give a pleasing appearance.

Comes in an ultra-low threshold option where unimpeded access is required, whilst being attractively styled with round-edge profiles.

These aluminium profiles offer low maintenance over the long term, with high security hook bolt lock and one-piece keep.

Handle integral to lock mechanism and locking shoot-bolts, with highly engineered and robust hinges.

The Visofold 3000 has specially-designed stainless steel rollers give smooth and easy operation.

Large Polyamide thermal barrier reduces heat loss and improves thermal performance, with dual colour option available.