Smart – Visoline sliding door

The Smart Visoline sliding door is a versatile selection of external flat-faced profiles all with internal beading, and suitable for domestic and light, medium and heavy-duty commercial applications.

Standard series of profiles with thermal break, used for most traditional door and window applications in houses and industrial buildings.

The Visoline sliding door is perfect for commercial and residential doors, with single or double sash. Residential doors are open-in only.

Electrostatic powder coating is according to the guidelines of APA-Qualicoat in most of the current RAL-colours.

Possible to colour in wood structure to imitate different woods (Powder coated according to Qualicoat). All coatings will be delivered with a certificate of guarantee for 15 years.

Anodisation is in satin or bronze colours with E.E.W.A./EURAS-Qualanod quality label.

The profiles consist of two aluminium extrusions, which are separated from one another by polyamide strips PA 6.6.25 reinforced with glass fibre.

A gluing thread, rolled and pushed in together with the thermal break profile, ensures a strong adhesion after melting and flowing, when the profiles are heated in the hardening furnace.